Surgery and Diagnostic Imaging Results

Below you will find a list of hospitals with the shortest wait time in Ontario.

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Shortest Waits by Hospital
Cancer Surgery
Thyroid and Endocrine Cancers| Target:84 days
Thyroid and Endocrine Cancers 84 days Aug-Sep-Oct17
Hospital Name
Wait time (days)
Provincial Wait Time
(9 out of 10 patients complete their procedures in this time)
Southlake Regional Health Centre 6
Rouge Valley Health System ** Special note 41
Lakeridge Health Corporation ** Special note 53
Toronto East Health Network 64
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre ** Special note 64
St. Joseph's Health Centre - Toronto 72
Ottawa Hospital ** Special note 77
Sinai Health System 78
St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton 84
University Health Network ** Special note 90