Surgery and Diagnostic Imaging Results


Wait time: The point at which 9 out of 10 patients have completed surgery or have had their exam.
Provincial Target: This number represents the Priority 4 access target.
Provincial Wait Time: the wait time value calculated from all wait time data submitted in Ontario
LHIN Wait Time: the wait time value calculated from all wait time data submitted for each LHIN.
NV: No or Low Volume. This means that a hospital, which is required to report, either reported that they did not perform this service during the period, or the number of cases reported did not meet the indicator threshold (i.e. number of reported cases was less than 10 for quarterly data and less than 6 for monthly data).
NR: Not required to report. The hospital provides this service, but did not receive extra funding to provide additional treatments this year, and therefore is not required to report wait times.
NA: Not Available (Note: Wait times for prostate and thyroid and endocrine cancers are not available prior to April 2006.)
NS: No service information available. This means that the hospital does not offer this service during the period.
NC: Non-compliant. The hospital did not provide the wait time information by the deadline for publication on this website.
Inclusion and exclusion criteria for wait time reporting: Wait Time is calculated based on closed cases submitted by hospitals. See a full summary of criteria.
Inpatient: A patient who is admitted to a hospital or clinic for treatment that requires at least one overnight stay.
Urgent outpatient: A patient who receives treatment at a hospital that does not require an overnight stay and is unable to wait for a scheduled appointment.
Clinical Targets: Clinical targets were developed in conjunction with surgeons, clinicians and administrators across Ontario to help hospitals work towards managing, prioritizing and improving the delivery of care for all surgical services.

Cancer Surgery

Note: Effective April 1, 2006, the following changes have been made to the cancer reporting:
  • Thoracic Cancers will no longer include Esophageal Cancers. Esophageal Cancers will now be reported under Gastrointestinal Cancers.
  • Genitourinary Cancers will no longer include prostate Cancers. Prostate Cancers will now be reported separately.
  • Head and Neck Cancers will no longer include Thyroid and Endocrine Cancers. These cancers will now be reported separately.


  • Wait time information is shown for elective referrals only.
  • For angiography, wait time information is shown only for referrals where the primary indication is coronary artery disease. These account for >85% of total angiography referrals.