Surgery and Diagnostic Imaging Results

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Diagnostic Scans
Computerized Tomography (CT)| Target:28 days
Computerized Tomography (CT) Target 28 days Jul-Aug-Sep09
Hospital Name
Wait time (days)
Wait time trend
Wait time by Priority
Provincial Wait Time
(9 out of 10 patients complete their procedures in this time)
44Provincial Wait time trendProvincial Priority
Toronto Central 42Toronto Central Wait time trendToronto Central Priority
University Health Network ** Special note 21University Health Network **<a href="wt_hsinfo.aspx?Key=947" TARGET = _blank> Special note </a> Wait time trendUniversity Health Network **<a href="wt_hsinfo.aspx?Key=947" TARGET = _blank> Special note </a> Priority
St. Joseph's Health Centre - Toronto 33St. Joseph's Health Centre - Toronto Wait time trendSt. Joseph's Health Centre - Toronto Priority
St. Michael's Hospital 52St. Michael's Hospital Wait time trendSt. Michael's Hospital Priority
Toronto East Health Network 57Toronto East Health Network Wait time trendToronto East Health Network Priority
Sinai Health System 59Sinai Health System Wait time trendSinai Health System Priority
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre ** Special note 66Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre **<a href="wt_hsinfo.aspx?Key=953" TARGET = _blank> Special note </a> Wait time trendSunnybrook Health Sciences Centre **<a href="wt_hsinfo.aspx?Key=953" TARGET = _blank> Special note </a> Priority
Bridgepoint Hospital NR/NSBridgepoint Hospital Wait time trendBridgepoint Hospital Priority
Toronto Rehabilitation Institute NR/NSToronto Rehabilitation Institute Wait time trendToronto Rehabilitation Institute Priority
Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care NR/NSBaycrest Centre for Geriatric Care Wait time trendBaycrest Centre for Geriatric Care Priority
West Park Healthcare Centre NR/NSWest Park Healthcare Centre Wait time trendWest Park Healthcare Centre Priority
Casey House Hospice NR/NSCasey House Hospice Wait time trendCasey House Hospice Priority
Salvation Army Toronto Grace Hospital NR/NSSalvation Army Toronto Grace Hospital Wait time trendSalvation Army Toronto Grace Hospital Priority
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health NR/NSCentre for Addiction and Mental Health Wait time trendCentre for Addiction and Mental Health Priority
Women's College Hospital NR/NSWomen's College Hospital  Wait time trendWomen's College Hospital  Priority
Providence Healthcare NR/NSProvidence Healthcare Wait time trendProvidence Healthcare Priority
Runnymede Healthcare Centre NR/NSRunnymede Healthcare Centre Wait time trendRunnymede Healthcare Centre Priority
Bloorview MacMillan Centre NR/NSBloorview MacMillan Centre Wait time trendBloorview MacMillan Centre Priority
Kensington Eye Institute NSKensington Eye Institute Wait time trendKensington Eye Institute Priority
Hospital for Sick Children NVHospital for Sick Children Wait time trendHospital for Sick Children Priority